Donna K. Williams
contemporary abstract acrylic paintings

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I had the opportunity to see some of Donna's paintings exhibited at the Victoria Airport. I was struck by the beauty of one that could have graced the walls of the Forbidden City in China! It was so beautiful! Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson - 2 Dec 2013
The variety of ways in which Donna utilizes colour, texture and pattern have always intrigued me and I am struck by how her newer works continue to reflect the impact of the majesty of nature on her, wherever she is, whether at home or abroad. Her paintings are best viewed in a studio or exhibit setting where the intensity of the colours and richness of the textures come alive when the works are viewed in person – as I was able to do this week at the Victoria Airport where several are currently on display. This website provides an excellent opportunity for an introduction to Donna’s art as well as for follow-up viewing. What a great site, Donna! Joan Dixon
Joan Dixon - 21 Nov 2013
I have been an admirer of Donna's work for many years. Donna's signature is the use of colour and texture in so many amazing ways. Her paintings are extremely hard to choose from because I love them all, but hanging one in a room brings pleasure. This website gives good insight into her creativity and work and will be on my list for regular viewing.
Mary Perrin - 21 Nov 2013
Having been an admirer/and patron of Donna's for many years, we can only say that our homes has been made much warmer and cosier with the bright creative colours and patterns that are unique to Donna. Anyone who sees these paintings ALWAYS comments on the creativity, uniqueness, and gorgeous colours, that are Donna's signature. Nicholas and Marnie Knott - 17th November 2013
Nicholas and Marnie Knott - 17 Nov 2013
What beautiful paintings! I especially love 'Sunny With Cloudy Periods'.
Laura Creaney - 17 Nov 2013
After viewing Donna's work we knew we wanted some of her work in our collection. We had a spot picked out and thought that her tryptic idea would work well. She produced a work that we love! It is a perfect attraction in the room and we have not tired of it in the least; it continues to grow on us. People never fail to complement us on this beautiful piece of art.
dcbirdsell - 16 Nov 2013
Beautiful Work Thankyou
elizabeth cameron - 15 Nov 2013
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