Donna K. Williams
Contemporary abstract paintings



               Artist's Statement



The creation of abstract paintings requires a journey within, and presents a challenge to the artist to develop a visual language that comes from that journey. The inspiration to become an abstract artist came from my many years of appreciating the work of the Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists especially after viewing the original paintings in major galleries in North America and in Europe. This sustained interest created a desire to express myself through the process of working with paint in a non representational way. As in life one thing leads to another, so in my work one painting follows another, builds upon it, and creates a series of work. I use liquid acrylics and many different mediums and tools to develop rich textures on canvas.

                             My latest Art Adventure  

              Drezzo, Italy the summer of 2017

         please visit galleries tab to read about my latest news! I am now working in oil and cold wax medium. it is an exciting adventure.



I was born in Edmonton and lived in Alberta until I completed my undergraduate degrees in Arts and Education at the University of Alberta. I subsequently lived in Toronto, London England, and then the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. During my years spent in a career as a teacher and principal, I spent my leisure time studying painting with numerous British Columbia artists and several noted American artists at the Coupeville Arts Center in Washington State. After retirement I moved to Victoria, BC, and spent three years of tuition in abstraction with Bill Porteous of the Bill Porteous Studio. A summer course in abstraction at the Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland  helped me to incorporate an international perspective to my work. I hope that the results of my journey to abstraction engage the viewer and invite a response to the colours, textures and suggestions that the images and titles evoke.

My most recent art adventure was in August 2017 in Drezzo Italy, studying and experiencing painting in oil and cold wax with world recognized experts, Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlan. Please refer to the Oil and Cold Wax Gallery.  


             Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education
           University of Alberta, Edmonton

           Master of Education
           University of Western Washington
           Bellingham, Washington, USA

            Individual Course of Study
            Bill Porteous Studio
            Victoria, BC

            Towards Abstraction Summer Course
            Edinburgh College of Art
            Edinburgh, Scotland

            Oil  and Cold Wax Course

            Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlan

            Drezzo, Italy